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Why buy in Granada


The unforgettable experience of staying even a few days in this incredible part of Spain is sufficient argument to desire your own property here and be able to recreate the experience as often and for as long as you like.

In this delightfully diverse area, it is possible to live in tranquil rural or village surroundings, far from the congestion of the heavily touristic coastal areas, yet also have easy access to historical monuments, natural parks, beaches, sports centres and endless other tourist activities.

Project Management


NettValley understands that renovating or building your Spanish home whilst living abroad can be a stressful and worrying time. That’s why we offer a project management service to assist you create the property of your dreams. With access to many local Architects, Builders, Plumbers and Electricians (and any other trade you may require when it comes to maintaining, restoring or indeed building from scratch your new property), NettValley can organise it for you.

We can also provide a project management team to handle all aspects of your commercial property development, architectural and legal work, construction and site management. We can assist you in the drawing up of your project with your architect and assist in obtaining building quotes and obtaining the necessary building licences from the Town Hall.

As part of our project management, we will take photographs of the works at regular key stages and will liaise between you and your tradesmen to make sure that you get the end results that you require; troubleshooting and translating to you any problems or questions that inevitably arise during a build. Using our in-house lawyer, we can draw up detailed contracts to protect you during the build and to insist on realistic timescales and finishes.

Using Power of Attorney, our lawyer can also ensure that your payments to tradesmen are made in the right way to allow you to correctly register any New Works on your title deeds in the future. We take the hassle out of it for you!

Case Project

Set on 3,000m2 of land with 360 degree views of the Los Guajares mountains.

The project was organised from the start by the NettValley team:

  • Obtaining the licences to build a 100m2 family house.
  • Organising mains electricity and potable water from the nearest village and obtaining licences for the supply.
  • Electricians and Plumbers.
  • Architects- The architectural project needed to obtain the licence from the local council. Project management during the building works.
  • Builders- In this project we used specialist traditional craftsmen to create the stone walling and roof tiling.
  • Nett Finance


    With 15 years financial services experience as both a consultant and manager, NettValley can offer impartial financial advice on how to purchase your new Spanish property.

    Whether you wish to raise a mortgage against your new property in Spain or borrow against your property in the UK, we can give you a step by step guide and help you choose the most appropriate product and provider from our affiliated companies.

    Barclays Plc, Halifax, Banco Popular or Caja Rural…there will definitely be something for everyone!!!!